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Welcome to our Aberdeen office, where we have a team of experts in insolvency solutions in Scotland. Our licensed insolvency practitioners and liquidators can provide the debt advice you need, whether based in Aberdeen, or one of our offices across Scotland in Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness.

If you are the director of a limited company, and require debt help, we can help determine the best insolvency route for you to take. We can arrange a free confidential meeting at our Aberdeen office, where our team will talk through the options available to you. Whether you may need help with repaying a previous bounce back loan, or are struggling to make payments to suppliers, there is support available for your business.

As licensed insolvency practitioners, our team are qualified to take action and help you liquidate your company, or explore alternative options. If you are facing pressure from creditors, we can guide you through the process of a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation, also known as (CVL). If you decide to take this route, this will show that you have acted proactively in accordance with your legal responsibilities as a director. The alternative option may be Court Liquidation, where a creditor, commonly HMRC, may invoke a winding-up petition to the sheriff court, to legally close your company in order to repay your debts. This option is less favourable as you may be investigated for your actions as a director.

If it is possible to rescue your company, our team can assist with alternative business rescue options, including company administration. Or, alternatively, if your company is solvent and not facing debts, but you wish to close it as it has run its course, or you are seeking to retire, our licensed insolvency practitioners can complete a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation. In this process, an insolvency practitioner is appointed to close your business once a 75% vote is agreed by shareholders who will then receive the proceeds of assets once sold.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help with debt if you are based in Scotland, contact our team today and we can arrange a free consultation at one of our offices across the country. Alternatively, you can complete our online 60-second debt test to receive a personalised debt report.

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There are several options when it comes to closing a limited company and it is vitally important you choose the one which is right for you, your company, and your creditors. Whether you are struggling with rising costs, falling trade, or impatient creditors, we are here to help.

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