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Chris Bristow

Chris Bristow

Insolvency Expert

Chris is one of our most senior insolvency experts, and may well be the first person you speak to when you contact Scotland Liquidators. Chris has vast experience of assisting company directors and sole traders with all manner of financial and operational problems. He will take the time to understand the position you find yourself in and will explain the potential routes open to you in clear, everyday language. Rest assured, Chris will be able to guide you in the right direction whatever the future has in store for your company.

Thomas McKay

Thomas McKay


With almost 20 years’ experience in the corporate insolvency industry, Thomas has helped countless company directors navigate their way through a whole host of financial and operational challenges. A Chartered Accountant and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Thomas is one of our most senior advisers and works directly with company directors and shareholders to formulate a route forward regardless of the problems currently being experienced. Advising on both company closure and company rescue options, Thomas is perfectly placed to provide the expert help and advice you need.

Simon Watson


Based out of our Glasgow office, Simon works with directors and shareholders of both solvent and insolvent companies, advising them on the range of closure options available to them. Simon can call on over 20 years’ experience in the finance and business distress arena, making him perfectly placed to identify the best route forward when you are feeling the financial strain. A Chartered Accountant, Simon can provide the experience and expertise you need when you don’t know where to turn.

Kelly Jones


Kelly is based in our Edinburgh office and specialises in corporate insolvency options, working directly with companies and their shareholders. Kelly will take the time to understand your current position as well as your plans for the future, ensuring the most appropriate insolvency option can be identified and put into place. If it is decided that closure of the company is the most suitable solution, Kelly will be on hand during the entire liquidation process keeping you updated and liaising with creditors on your behalf.

David Tannock

Senior Personal Debt Manager

David specialises in assisting sole traders and individuals deal with insurmountable debt problems. With a range of debt solutions available to indebted individuals in Scotland, including trust deeds and sequestration, David is adept at identifying the most appropriate option based on an individual’s unique personal circumstances. With almost 20 years’ experience, David regularly works with various debt charities, including Citizens Advice Scotland and a variety of Housing Associations across Scotland to advise individuals in debt.

Chelsea Williams

Personal Debt Support

Chelsea is an experienced debt help adviser who specialises in the range of insolvency options available to companies and individuals in Scotland. Chelsea is often the first port of call for those contacting Scotland Liquidators, and her sympathetic and non-judgemental nature coupled with her knowledge and expertise will ensure you end the call reassured and with an understanding of the possible options open to you and your company.

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There are several options when it comes to closing a limited company and it is vitally important you choose the one which is right for you, your company, and your creditors. Whether you are struggling with rising costs, falling trade, or impatient creditors, we are here to help.

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