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Debt Advice for Companies in Scotland

Welcome to Scotland Liquidators. We are a team of licensed insolvency practitioners and business debt experts, working with company directors across Scotland to help them understand their options and plan for the future. Based out of five offices in Scotland, we operate across the entire country, meaning no matter where in Scotland you are you are never far from expert help and advice for your limited company.

Liquidation can be used to close both solvent and insolvent companies, giving directors the chance of a fresh start while ensuring their current business is brought to an end in an orderly manner and in accordance with the Insolvency Act 1986. If your company has found itself in an insolvent position, you have a responsibility towards your outstanding creditors during this time which include not engaging in any action to worsen their position. By taking advice from a licensed insolvency practitioner as soon as possible, you can help shield creditors from any further losses.

If your company is solvent, closing the business by way of a formal liquidation procedure known as a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation, may well be the most tax-efficient and cost-effective way of achieving closure whilst also ensuring all loose ends are tied up correctly.

There are three main ways of voluntarily bringing a company to an end: Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation (CVL), Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL), or company strike off. It is essential that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each process before you commit to going ahead with any of these options. At Scotland Liquidators, our licensed insolvency practitioners and business debt experts are on hand to provide the help and advice you need during these challenging times.

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Understanding Your Company Closure Options

There are three common Company Closure routes; find out the differences between them.


Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL)

A Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation – or CVL – is a director-initiated process which allows a company with unmanageable debts to be formally closed down

Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)

A Members’ Voluntary Liquidation brings about the end of a solvent company in a tax-efficient and cost-effective manner with the help of an insolvency practitioner

Strike Off

Company Strike Off
(Via DS01)

Also known as ‘dissolving’ a company, strike off is an informal way of closing a limited company which has no debts or significant assets

Supporting 25,000+ Limited Company Directors

I knew I needed to close my company but I wasn’t sure how to go about this with large debts that I was unable to repay. Scotland Liquidators clearly explained my options and held my hand throughout the entire process.

Catherine Muller | Director

I would highly recommend Scotland Liquidators to anyone considering closing their business. From the first phone call I knew where I stood and what my options were. I cannot thank them enough.

Jonathan Booth | Director

Scotland Liquidators helped me close my company last year after I made the tough decision to stop trading. My advisor was patient, knowledgeable, and supportive from start to finish. Many thanks.

Colin Franklin | Former CEO

Take our 60 Second Test to understand your options

There are three main ways to close a company in Scotland. Taking our 60 Second Test will help our advisers identify the correct route forward for you and your company.

While all three closure options have their advantages and disadvantages, the right one for you will depend on a number of factors including the current financial position of the company and your plans for the future.


Personal Debt Problems? – We Can Help

As well as being company debt specialists, we are also here to assist directors, sole traders and individuals with personal debt problems.

Trust Deed

A Trust Deed allows you to consolidate your debts into one affordable monthly repayment over a set period of time. Any debt remaining after this point will be written off.


A Debt Arrangement Scheme gives time and breathing space to pay back the amount you owe in an affordable and manageable way without having to declare insolvency.


Sequestration – the Scottish term for bankruptcy – writes off your unsecured debts allowing you to draw a line under your unmanageable borrowing.

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While no two businesses are the same, each having its own set of strengths as well as challenges, there are some issues we find are repeated time and time again which are unique to a certain sector or industry.

Collectively our team has sector-specific expertise across a range of industries from retail to hospitality, education to construction, and many more in between.”

Chris Bristow

Insolvency Expert

Trusted by over 1500+ Scots

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There are several options when it comes to closing a limited company and it is vitally important you choose the one which is right for you, your company, and your creditors. Whether you are struggling with rising costs, falling trade, or impatient creditors, we are here to help.

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